yuri pacheco sanchez

porcelain sky

Porcelain Sky is part of the series dedicated to the honor and strength of all The victims facing the actions of the Hitlerian Tyrant Vladimir Putin. The work is the result of 10 different painting layers, one on top of the other. Produced over nearly one month of daily devotion, each of these layers reflects an idea, a phrase, a motive, and the combined work is the story. The technique of using extremely bold, thick strokes, layer upon layer of acrylic and the addition of the cotton rope embedded in the paint produce a lush and graceful surface that is more sculpture than painting. Why cotton rope? The roping is 100% cotton, a extremely elegant natural product, but this roping is taken from the heads of mops. All combined to explain how nature is the only force capable of cleaning what mankind has destroyed. The layer upon layer is needful to connect the complexity of the issues being faced, and to appreciate that life is the combination of stages lived and experienced by each of us.


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yuri pacheco sanchez
yuri pacheco sanchez
yuri pacheco sanchez
yuri pacheco sanchez
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yuri pacheco sanchez

Ver ficha del autor Artist, Actress, Mom, Wife, Colombian, looking to reach many hearts with my art.
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