Zaplaflora Jesús F. Torres

Talking with the Seed

This painting is inspired in the close relationship between Nature and human creatures as an inseparable part of it, as well as in the dialogue established between the Nature´s flora and men communicating themselves thanks to Nature beauties. This is one of my favorites. It demanded much detailed work, much inspiration and much imagination while creating it. There you can see two figurative profile faces communicating themselves, and establishing a dialogue about Nature and, particularly, about the seeds of love to be planted in the Earth, represented here as a colorful cloud full of flowery images.


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El autor

Zaplaflora Jesús F. Torres
Zaplaflora Jesús F. Torres
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Zaplaflora Jesús F. Torres | Pintura

Ver ficha del autor My passion is painting. Expressing myself producing Artworks is a blessing. Painting gives me many reasons to feel myself fully rewarded in life. I studied Engineering, and I feel proud of being able of merging the professional knowledge of the engineer with the natural talent of an artist. I´ve been studying Art and painting by myself since I was very young, and I keep on doing that on a systematic way. Thanks to this, I improve myself every day as an artist. Learning is an infinite process in life. I was born in Havana, Cuba. I live in USA since 1997. In Cuba, as well as in the States I have been able to work as a freelance artist and as such, to support my family selling my Artworks in public plazas, fairs, galleries and art exhibitions, not only in Cuba and the States, but also in France and Spain. Online selling is an additional practical source of income, since this allows you to reach people all around the world. I consider myself a proliferous artist. I have used Acrylic paint for producing Art pieces in canvas, wood, ceramics and fabric. And I have several painting collections; "Ecological Colors", “Colonial Havana”, "Amazonia", "Faces and Masks", and “The Jungle” are some of them. Additionally, I work on demand for customized and commissioned paintings. In 2002 and 2003, I worked for Chivas Regal in Miami, designing and producing the trophy annually awarded to prominent local personalities. PARTICIPATION IN ART EXHIBITIONS AND AWARDS June 2022 - I was selected to participate in the XI Edition of 2022 Florida Biennal in Hollywood, Florida, United States. I am one of the 24 artists selected amongst 349 artists who submitted more than 1000 works. April 29 - June 29/2022 : XII International Exhibition Virtual Museum "Spring" by Spanish Art Gallery MundoArti March 2022: I was awarded the Popular Vote Award in the 20th Juried Exhibition "A Spring Tradition" sponsored by People & Paintings Gallery in New York, with my artwork Conceiving Spring March 2022: Spain Individual Exhibition 3D Gallery Mundoarti "Zaplaflora: with ecological flavor" 2012: USA. Collective exhibition in “Ana G. Méndez” University – Campus Florida. 2010: Miami Collective Art exhibition, sponsored by Collection Privee. July 2003: Miami Collective Art exhibition “Flowers”, sponsored by Chivas Regal. ATTENTION BY PRESS MEDIA Jan. 24th, 1998: Journalist Erwin Pérez published in El Nuevo Herald the report “Con Color Ecológico”, where he widely commented my biography and artistic career, as well as the main features of my Artworks. 2008 : Cuban poet and writer Orlando González interviewed me for Radio/TV Martí program “Entre Nosotros”. Nov. 14th, 2019: I was interviewed in UniVista TV program “The Show of Cartucho”


The beauties of Nature and the search of an ecological equilibrium on Earth express themselves in my Art as its “leitmotiv”. You will find in my Artworks a rainfall of Nature colors and moving forms in “perfect” contrast, together with the use of classic symbols. With your eyes on them, you will receive the impression that images, surprisingly, will come out from the canvas to stay by your side, with the power of making you forget the grays of urban cities. My Art is a reward to Nature because of its fertile abundance, its richness, its warmth protection, and its overall blessings.
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